Profile Details

Voluminuos appearance with 60 mm profile width. 4 chambers and gasget design provide high heat and sound insulation in every kind of environment. Specially designed TPV seals provide absolute impermeability. They can not be effected and detoriated by ultraviolet rays or exterior conditions.
Inserted type gasget profile systems give the possibility of low production costs and lower investment requirement to the customers business daylife. One type of metal reinforcement for all the profiles.
Leakage can be drained without any problem with the aid of special water drainage channels. Provides excellent living comfort for all the seasons keeping away the high temperature during summer times and keeping away the cold during winter times. Many color choices. Profile surfaces are glossy and smooth. Dust and stain-proof surfaces. Nibs outer side of the frame enable safe atachment to the wall
surfaces, facilitate the alignment of the whole window frame and reduce the heat transfer. Warranty certificate.

Color Choices

Zeno 60-01

Frame Drawing Details

Zeno 60-02

Sash Drawing Details

Zeno 60-03

Mullion Drawing Details

Zeno 60-04

Door Sash Drawing Details

Zeno 60-05

Outside Opening Door Sash Drawing Details

Zeno 60-06

Overhung Drawing Details

Zeno 60-08

Double Glass Bead Drawing Det.

Zeno 60-09

Single Glass Bead Drawing Det.

Zeno 60-15

Frame Profile with Casing Drawing Det.