Profile Details

103 mm and 80 mm profile width, Excellent heat and sound insulation in every enviromental conditions,
A wide range of application possibilities in small areas, Uses the same aesthetic looking beads used in the other systems, Strong wind resistance with galvanized metal support, Providen excellant living comport for all seasons keeps away the the high tempature during summer time and keeps away the cold during winter times, Does not need extra maintanace (paint, varnish, …etc), Many color choices,
Profile surfaces are glossy and sweeth, Dust and stain proof surfaces, Every window size can be produced, Fast installation, Warranty certificate.

Color Choices

Sürme – 01

Single Sliding Frame Profile Drawing Details

Sürme – 02

Double Sliding Frame Profile Drawing Details

Sürme – 03

Sliding Sash Profile Drawing Details

Sürme – 04

Sliding Corver Profile Drawing Details

Sürme – 05

Sliding Interlock Profile Drawing Details

Sürme – 60 – 08

Double Glass Bead Drawing Details

Sürme – 60 – 09

Single Glass Bead Drawing Details

Sürme – 60 -10

Triple Glass Bead Drawing Details