Sliding Series

Profile & Design

103 mm and 80 mm profile width. Provides high sound and heat insulation under all conditions. It creates wide usage areas in narrow spaces. The same aesthetic lath system is used in all systems. It is resistant to wind load thanks to galvanized metal reinforcement profiles inside the profiles. Provides perfect comfort conditions in all seasons. It protects from heat in summer and cold in winter. It does not require additional maintenance (paint, varnish, etc.) It offers rich color options. The surface is shiny and smooth. Stain, dirt and dust repellent feature. Allows production in any size. Easy to assemble. It has a warranty certificate.

Limits of Imagination

You Choose Your Color

Resistant to harsh weather conditions and low-maintenance, we offer laminated color alternatives that will perfectly match your architecture. These laminated colors, which provide full harmony with the exterior of your building, allow different applications for interior and exterior surfaces with unlimited color options. In this way, you can reflect the color and design you want on the exterior of the building and get a look that is fully compatible with your architectural style. At the same time, it provides long-term protection thanks to its resistance to harsh weather conditions and saves time and costs with low maintenance requirements. These laminated color alternatives, which fully reflect the vision of your architect and provide your building with an attractive exterior appearance, offer a quality and aesthetic solution.

Make Your Windows Colorful

Choose from dozens of colors and patterns. Golden Oak, Anthracite, Mahogany, Rustic Oak, Dark Green, Mink etc…


Single Sliding Frame Profile Section Detail

Sürme - 01

Double Sliding Frame Profile Section Detail

Sürme - 02

Sliding Wing Profile Section Detail

Sürme - 03

Sliding Threshold Cladding Profile Sectional Detail

Sürme - 04

Sliding Lock Profile Sectional Detail

Sürme - 05

Double Glazing Bead Section Detail

Gold - 60 - 08

Single Glazing Bead Section Detail

Gold - 60 - 09

Triple Glazing Bead Section Detail

Gold - 60 - 10

Triple Glazing Bead Section Detail

70-80 Boxed Profile Section Detail

Connection Profile Section Detail