About Us

Let's meet at KRAUSS's "Extraordinary Lines"

Founded in 1996 with the title Uzay Plastik ve Orman Ürünleri Sanayi İnşaat Ticaret A.Ş., our company has a special place in the Turkish manufacturing sector today.

Developed by expert Turkish and Austrian engineers as a result of long and meticulous researches, world-class advanced technological products are produced with great care in the Trabzon Organized Industrial Zone in the state-of-the-art machinery park, by professional staff, undergoing quality control at every stage.

All products of our company, which currently manufactures PVC plastic door and window profiles, PVC decorative wall paneling, have TSE, GOST – R, ISO 9001 and CE quality certificates.

High-quality KRAUSS profiles with unique insulation power are offered to consumers both in Turkey and abroad by Uzay Plastik A.Ş. through a comprehensive and specialized dealer network carefully selected and specially trained.

KRAUSS dealers, with their superior production technologies and wide application staff, provide unconditional customer satisfaction to the consumer in the shortest time under the most favorable conditions.

Our Quality Policy

In order to adapt to the free competition environment, which is the natural result of the global economy, to increase its competitiveness and market share by providing customer satisfaction by offering better quality products to customers by using high technology.

High technology, trained professional staff, and a quality management system have created Uzay Plastik A.Ş.’s “Extraordinary Lines”.

Uzay Plastik A.Ş., which is always followed, not followed, has the R&D of Turkey. With new surprises, it will break new ground in the PVC sector in the future as in the past and will continue to be followed.

1986 to Today

Our History


“Fil Plastik Koll. Şti. ” was established in Trabzon for the purpose of PVC Pipe production on a 10.000 m2 open area and 5.000 m2 closed area with 3 production lines and was transformed into Fil Plastik San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. in 2003. By finishing pipe production, it continues its new activities.


“UZAY PLASTIC and Forestry. Product. San. Tic. A.Ş” – was established in Trabzon with 8 Austrian automatic production lines (extrusion) with an annual capacity of 5.000 tons, 20.000m2 open area and 10.000m2 closed area for the production of PVC Window and Door systems + PVC Decorative Wall and ceiling Lambrisi and still continues its activities.


“ZAO PROK” – was established in Russia with 20 Austrian and Chinese automatic production lines (extrusion) with an annual capacity of 20.000 tons, 50.000 m2 open area and 20.000 m2 closed area for PVC Window and Door systems and still continues its activities.


“UZAY PLASTIC and Forestry. Product. San. Tic. A.Ş” – In order to keep up with today’s technology and to meet the demand, it has continued its development with new investments and in 2012, in Trabzon Organized Industrial Zone, ready-made doors and windows produced entirely with CNC machining centers are exported to many countries, especially Europe.

7K+ Tons

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